17-10-2023 /

First nu:view breast CT scanner installed in South Korea


In a groundbreaking move, Queen’s U Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, has made history by installing South Korea’s first nu:view breast CT scanner. This achievement comes after meeting all technical and regulatory requirements in collaboration with Radconn Inc last December.

Led by the esteemed Dr. Choi Seon-Hyeong, Queen’s U Clinic is at the forefront of breast cancer diagnostics, using state-of-the-art imaging technologies to detect tumors early and make accurate diagnoses. The unwavering commitment to women’s health is evident, with an emphasis on early detection of malignancies of the breast tissue.

EungWon Yeon, CEO of Radconn Inc, expressed his pride, stating, “We are proud to introduce nu:view as the first breast CT installation in the Asian region at Queen’s U Clinic, taking early breast cancer detection to a new level.”

AB-CT is thrilled to enter the Asian market and remains committed to expanding breast CT accessibility for radiologists and women alike.

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