13-03-2024 /

Comparison of Breast CT with MRI

Comparative Study Breast CT vs. MRI

AB-CT is now conducting the study “Comparison of low-dose spiral breast CT with MRI in the most important indications of MRI for breast diagnostics” in cooperation with the University Hospital Erlangen (GER), Leiden University Medical Center (NL) and Martini Hospital in Groningen (NL).

This prospective, non-randomized, intra-individual, multicenter, multinational cohort study with 428 patients is led by the radiologists Dr. Sabine Ohlmeyer (Erlangen), Dr. Martin Wasser (Leiden) and Dr. Arnoud Meijer (Groningen).

The objective of this comparative study is to compare contrast-enhanced breast CT with contrast-enhanced MRI in terms of BI-RADS classification at lesion level. In addition, patient questionnaires will be used to collect data on comfort, patient acceptance, duration, claustrophobia and noise exposure of both modalities.

The research is expected to last nine months and the results, analysis and report are expected this fall.

We hope that this groundbreaking research will further improve the understanding and application of our innovative spiral breast CT nu:view in breast diagnostics and potentially expand diagnostic options for patients worldwide.

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